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A platform that brings sellers and buyers close to each other, in a win-win relationship: Sellers have a gateway giving full visibility of their products and inventories, and Buyers are empowered with a vast array of purchasing options. On the Seller side, the process is composed by three easy steps:

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Prepare and Target the Sales Campaign

Upload your company data and products, following TradeToWorld instructions and standards. Assess the best markets to target, upon your strengths and market relevance (thanks to a full set of information available in the platform and, on demand, as well an advice from the TradeToWorld Trade Partner). Set up pricing and sales terms.

Choose the Market Entry Strategy

Sellers can now decide if to sell traditionally through simple product posting and ex-works terms, or to strengthen their sales campaign through two additional (possibly complementary) steps:

Seeking Trade Partner support

Hiring local export managers to promote the products directly in the foreign markets

Exporting, stocking and distributing your goods

In the markets where TradeToWorld logistics hubs are located

Negotiate and Close Deals

The parties get in direct contact and start negotiating a possible transaction. The process can be widely supported by several TradeToWorld services, such as Trade Finance options, local negotiation support, delivery quotations, certificate and licenses assistance, etc.

With no experience, a Seller can comfortably and safely deliver its goods and a Buyer secure its orders and payments with full protection under the negotiated terms.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide

Trading made easy. Click and surf through advanced B2B filters.

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